Leadership Council members are men and women who have distinguished themselves in their professions and in their communities.

Membership is by invitation only and is limited to key leaders statewide.

The Leadership Council roster includes some of Washington State's brightest and most energetic executives, entrepreneurs, and community leaders

A New Generation

The traditional face of business leadership in Washington state is changing. Fast growing, dynamic companies are rushing to create the opportunities of the 21st Century. These new leaders must let their voice be heard in the councils of government.

Through their financial support and active participation, members of the Leadership Council are now working to assure that our current fiscally conservative majority stays in power.

Face to Face Contact

Each year a variety of activities are scheduled for Leadership Council members, in locations around Washington state. These breakfast briefings bring together the top leadership of the Senate with local Council members to share insights and exchange views

Membership Levels

There are no limits to the amount that an individual or business can contribute to the Leadership Council. Membership has three basic tiers of sponsorship:

$1,000 - Annual Membership
$2,500 - Gold Membership
$5,000 - Platinum Membership

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